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Why Choose Us?

  • More than twelve years’ experience
  • 1000-plus projects successfully completed
  • Strong emphasis on products that suit local conditions
  • All our windows are custom built to ensure a perfect fit
  • We offer a comprehensive range of products, styles and designs
  • 15 year warranty
  • Complies with NZ Building Codes

German technology. German origin.
For more than 30 years, Aluplast has successfully innovated, designed and manufactured uPVC window profiles and today is the technological leader in this market. Consistent quality, reliability and market driven innovations are the key to constantly growing success.

Aluplast uPVC window systems

  • Easy-care materials, wide choice of designs and outstanding thermal insulation.
  • Whether you’re constructing a new home, remodelling an existing building or optimizing the energy performance of your house – Aluplast has the perfect window system for your project.

The advantages of the IDEAL-series

  • uPVC windows are low maintenance
  • uPVC windows have an average service life of 30 years
  • modern technologies guarantee excellent thermal and acoustic insulation as well as burglary resistance
  • enormous energy savings potential and recyclability protect the environment
  • Available in a large range of décor finishes
  • uPVC windows are available in various shapes, e.g. round-arched or triangular windows
  • uPVC windows are highly cost-efficient
  • Plastics (PVC) are resistant to weathering exhaust gases and cleansing agents
  • Due to the durability of PVC your windows will maintain their value in the long term – adding to the value of your home




Four Key Benefits


In a typical New Zealand house more than 50% of heat loss can come from single glazed windows. With quality UPVC double glazed windows you can cut down that heat loss to approximately 10%. The key feature in achieving such an outstanding performance is the Window World uPVC joinery. Our windows with an R-Value of 0.41 will allow you to use energy more efficiently, reducing your power bills and keeping your home warm and dry.


Many New Zealand homes suffer from mould and moisture as a result of condensation. Mould can cause permanent damage to your homes internal components. Our windows are made from high quality German uPVC profiles which, unlike metal, does not conduct heat or cold. There is an effective drainage system that prevents water build up. Combined with our insulated double glazed units condensation can be eliminated. The result is a dry, mould free and healthy home.


Are you tired of that loud noise from outside? Does it prevent you and your children from sleeping at night? With our uPVC windows you can reduce noise by up to 80% (compared to single glazing). Double glazing is a powerful barrier against noise, but it works best with a uPVC profile. Turn your home into a comfortable and quiet place where you can enjoy life.


Home security provides a great benefit – peace of mind. To feel safe at home is very important to every family. That is why we put multi-point locking systems in all of our windows and doors. With the multi-point locking system each door and window in your house will have multiple locks holding them in place, locking the sashes from each side, making every window and door much more secure.

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